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Upcoming Course: Blockchain Networks

Mexico City

Kingsland University Comes to Latin America

Collective Academy is delighted to partner with Kingsland University to bring the first full Blockchain Developer Program to Latin America.

Kingsland’s blockchain developer training program is comprised of two distinct modules:

Course Name

Blockchain Networks

Dapps & Solidity


4-5 Weeks

4-5 Weeks


$5,000 USD

$5,000 USD




*Scholarships of up to 50% are available for students who perform well on the assessment exam.

Each course can be taken separately, but students must successfully complete both courses to become a Kingsland Certified Blockchain Engineer.

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Blockchain Is In High Demand

Jobs have tripled since 2016


Listings growing by 40% every quarter

14 jobs for every blockchain developer

93% of jobs unfulfilled

Secure your spot today:
Blockchain Networks Course

Mexico City - 2019

Hybrid Immersion Format

/blockchain-cdmx-en/?variant-active=true# secure your spot

Blockchain Can Change The World

End Human Trafficking

Improve Efficiency

Fight Poverty

Expose Corruption

Ensure Privacy

Save the Environment

Revolutionize Health Care

Transform Finance

Program FAQs

  • Where will the course be held?

    The course will be held in Condesa, Mexico City. Final location TBD.

  • What is "hybrid immersion" learning?

    Kingsland’s Hybrid Immersion course format is designed to accommodate the busy and dynamic lives of working professionals. Six days of face-to-face intensive training is followed by three weeks of online learning and a digital project. Online video lectures are accompanied by live trainer support.

  • What skills will I learn? 

    Through Kingsland’s Developer courses, students will develop a deep understanding of blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies and the skills to:

    • Design and code simple blockchain networks
    • Implement blockchain consensus algorithms
    • Understand cryptography and interaction with crypto wallets
    • Develop smart contracts using Ethereum and Solidity
    • Design and develop decentralized apps (DApps)
  • What topics will be covered? 

    The following Module Topics will be covered during the Kingsland Immersion Hybrid Course:

    • Blockchain Introduction
    • Blockchain Cryptography
    • Consensus Algorithms
    • Practical Project: Nodes, Transactions, Blockchs, Peers and Consensus
    • Mining and Mining Pools
    • Wallets and APIs
    • Transactions and Exchanges
    • Working on the Practical Project: Wallets, Faucets, and Block Explorer
    • Offchain Transactions
    • Anonymous Transactions
    • Introduction to Ethereum
    • Solidity Basics
    • Solidity Advanced
    • Truffle and Ganache
    • DApps, Web3, Metamask, and IPFS
    • DApp Practical Project: Architecture and UI
    • Serverside Ethereum APIs
    • Blockchain and Smart Contract Security
    • Other Blockchain Platforms
    • Practical Project: Smart Contract and DApp UI
  • Are there any prerequisites?

    Course participants are expected to have:

    • Understanding of JavaScript development (promises, Node.js, npm, basic JavaScript front-end).
    • Object-oriented programming, working with classes and objects (e.g. C#, Java, Python, JavaScript or C++).
    • Experience in Web development and REST APIs (build simple server-side Web apps).

    Course candidates should pass an assessment exam covering the fundamentals of programming and software technologies: variables, loops, arrays and collections, functions, classes and objects, HTTP and REST.
  • What language will the course be taught in?

    Lectures will be held in English.

  • What does the training look like? 

    Blockchain Networks: 6 days training sessions (onsite) + 2 weeks online learning + 2 weeks project preparation (online) and project defense (online) project preparation (online).

    Students who successfully complete Blockchain Networks will be invited to enroll in the second half of the full program: DApps & Solidity.

    DApps & Solidity: 6 days training sessions (onsite) + 2 weeks online learning + 2 weeks project preparation (online) and project defense (online) project preparation (online).

About Your Teachers

Patrick Galloway

Patrick Galloway is a passionate educator and developer. He has built several apps ranging from credit card payment portals to a lead assignment system for a mortgage company. Galloway’s focus is on building strong fundamental skills through a hands-on approach to learning that equips his students with the refined though processes necessary to become resourceful and skilled developers.

Meet patrick

Georgi Angelov

Georgi Angelov (or just George) is a passionate Computer Science Major and blockchain enthusiast. He started programming in 9th grade and was immediately hooked to this wonderful world. He is an avid learner and values every piece of knowledge he comes across, whether it is related to Computer Science or not. Georgi has also been involved in technical training for quite some time and enjoys providing value for those who are eager to learn.

meet georgi

Why study at Kingsland University?

Kingsland University is an award-winning global edutech provider. Accredited through the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS-CASI), Kingsland is an internationally-recognized higher education institution.

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